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November 20, 2021

Your home would reflect the quality of your lifestyle and have a significant impact on your living standards. A luxury residence like Indradhanush is much more than just a postal address. It can be a personal abode which allows you to enjoy a comfortable living with your whole family.  Indradhanush has been aesthetically developed with the usage of Mivan technology. The high-quality concrete used in constructing the project comes from the very own plant of Sonam Group.  This real-estate company is renowned for its high degree of focus on customer contentment. They have developed Indradhanush in a manner that serves the current homebuyers and their coming generations impeccably.

The Location

Indradhanush has been developed at an advantageous location that is relatively well-connected to the city’s prime landmarks and commercial centers. However, even though the building is located in a highly posh area, Indradhanush stays secluded from the noise and pollution of the main roads and markets. Its unique position manages to make it a perfect dwelling place for modern families. Indradhanush lies close to several urban conveniences, allowing their residents to lead a life of true comfort. Its location highlights include:

  • Metro station, W.E Highway, and Jari Mari Lake at 1km radius
  • Vijay Sales, G.C.C Club Central Mall at 3 km radius
  • Mira Road Station, Wockhardt hospital and hotel fountain at 5km radius
  • Maxus mall and R.B.K international school at 7km radius

The Spaciousness

Indradhanush is quite an open and spacious residential property. It is surrounded by abundant green spaces and landscaped gardens that provide enchanting views of nature to the residents and offer them adequate facilities to go for a morning jog or an evening stroll inside the premises of the apartment complex. Moreover, these residential units have much to offer a well-designed and comfortable living space that can adequately accommodate the residents’ belongings without feeling cramped or congested.

The Amenities 

Indradhanush features multiple facilities that ensure that residents can relax and unwind after returning home after a long day of work. Sky gym, swimming pool, terrace garden, and children’s play area are some of the key amenities found in the residential complex. You can complete your morning jog at the sky gym while admiring the view of beautiful mountains through its massive glass facade.  There is also a well-equipped library present at Indradhanush, where you can cozy up with a book on the weekends.

The reasons to settle down at Indradhanush are multiple, its luxurious amenities, smart location, and opulence being some of the major ones.