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Project NameNo of BuildingsTotal AreaSold AreaStartedEnded
Geeta Nagar II5 Bldgs520005200019911992
Geeta Nagar IV7 Bldgs800008000019911994
Geeta Nagar V4 Bldgs320003200019921994
Sneha Sadan1 Bldgs8500850019931995
Geeta Nagar VI10 Bldgs837008197519931995
Geeta Nagar VII12 Bldgs & 4 Row Houses23171422335919951997
Geeta Nagar VIII5 Bldgs814408144019951998
Geeta Nagar X3 Bldgs396003575019941997
Golden Nest I (Old)11 Bldgs & 17 Row Houses19743819241319941997
Golden Nest I (New)5 Bldgs995409367519951998
Golden Nest II2 Bldgs & 13 Row Houses645706457019941997
Golden Nest III26 Bldgs & 18 Row Houses54361152273819941998
Golden Nest V2 Bldgs397923979219951997
Golden Nest VI12 Bldgs12291612291619962001
Golden Nest VII16 Bldgs & 1 Row Houses14639314282420002001
Golden Nest VIII16 Bldgs12829912566320002002
Golden Nest IX10 Bldgs18877518877520002002
Golden Nest X10 Bldgs15059714965720002002
Golden Nest XI17 Bldgs162911.5159189.520032006
Golden Nest XI-A12 Bldgs118421.5117981.520032006
Golden Nest XII7 Bldgs631556251020032006
Golden Nest XII-A2 Bldgs423344049420032007
Golden Nest XIV19 Bldgs34022233930720032008
Golden Nest XV4 Bldgs26557826467320082013